Landscape Maintenance

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Landscape maintenance is a vital part of maintaining a healthy outdoor environment. Depending upon the size of your landscape it can be overwhelming physically and take up much of your free time. We offer a wide range of maintenance services and can customize a program for your landscape.

Maintenance Services we provide
Pruning and Trimming Shrubs & Small Trees
Spring and Fall Bed Clean-Ups
Mulching and Bed Edging
Seasonal Color Programs
Ornamental Fertilization


A Roland Outdoor Landscape Maintenance program usually consists of any or all of the following:

Early Spring Bed Clean-Up
Blowing out all leaves and debris, trimming any shrubs that need trimmed, blowing off walks, decks, and porches.

Late Spring Mulching & Bed Edging
Re-edge mulch beds and add 2in of mulch for color and water retention. For seasonal color we can add annuals at this time and fertilize all plants as well.

Summer Pruning & Trimming
Trim all shrubs and small trees of excess growth and suckers. Fertilize annuals and remove or spray any weed or unwanted plant growth.

Early Fall Pruning & Trimming
Trim all shrubs and small trees of excess growth. Remove or spray any unwanted plant growth. Remove summer annuals, install fall annuals, and fertilize all plants.

Late Fall Mulching & Bed Clean-Up
Done usually after all leaves have fallen. Remove all leaves and debris from landscape beds, re-edge mulch beds, trim perennials down, and add 2in of mulch for winter insulation on plant roots. For seasonal color next spring we would add bulbs at this time.

Total Property Maintenance

If you wish you had more time on the weekends or are not fond of taking care of your landscape or lawn, but want it to look good, we have a solution for you. We can set up a program for you to make sure your property stays in excellent condition without your time commitment. Using all the services we provide we can customize a maintenance package around your properties needs and budget.