Landscape Lighting

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Quality low voltage landscape lighting professionally installed can enhance the landscape and provide many benefits for both residential and commercial applications. Landscape lighting can add safety, security, mood, and drama to the outdoor environment. Limited only by our creativity, the practical functions and various mood effects of landscape lighting are endless.


Three reasons to add landscape lighting


One of the primary functions of exterior lighting is to insure safe passage for pedestrians on steps, sidewalks, walkways, or other areas where aspects of the outdoor environment may become a hazard at night. Safety lighting typically projects downward and never into ones eyes and is free from glare.

Low levels of light evenly spread around the perimeter of buildings can act as a deterrent to intruders and provide greater security than flood lights which create pools of light along with dark shadows where someone can hide. Light sources that emit low level light form the knee down silhouette prowlers and make them visible from every angle.

Mood & Drama
Beauty, hospitality, and drama are enhanced by the proper selection and placement of landscape lights. Choosing focal points of architecture, art, water features, and landscape plant material can add night time drama to the landscape after the sun has set.



Other advantages to Low Voltage Lighting


• Safe near water features and children
• Pets can chew through cable and live
• Flexible to add and subtract from lighting system
• Easy to install in existing landscape beds with minimal or no trenching required
• Homeowner maintainable systems
• Easy to relocate fixtures in the future



There are many different types of lighting affects that can maximize safety, security, ambiance, and drama around your property. Call us today for a free consultation.