Consulting & Design

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Property Consultation

A professional green industry consultant will evaluate your property and give you suggestions on improving the weak areas.

We can evaluate any major problems to your property and give you solutions. These may include drainage or erosion problems that may be threatening to your home.

We will provide a cost and materials breakdown and detailed description for all projects.


Consultation fee will be based on complexity of project and research required to fully meet your needs.


Landscape & Irrigation Design

We will address all of your expectations of landscape aesthetics and function.

Using advanced software we can create a custom ‘to-scale’ rendering of what your landscape will entail. All materials are specified in an easy to read landscape plan with descriptions of the products we use and a cost summary to inform you of the projects expense.

A landscape is perfect for the ‘do-it-yourself’ homeowner that wants ideas to enhance the curb appeal of their home.


Design Fee

Design fee will be based on complexity of project and the amount of details on the plan to fully meet your needs.


All design and consultation fees will be credited to the projects final invoice for design/build projects and also credited to the purchase of the material from our Garden Center.


Customer required to meet our provisions for credit to projects/materials. 


We provide free estimates for the following
Lawn Care
Landscape Maintenance